Parenting concerns

Parents deal with multiple stressors every day such as work, finances, relationships etc.  It can become overwhelming for parents to deal with multiple stressors at once.  This in turn can impact their relationship with their children.  Some parents might not know what to do when a situation arises with one of their children.  They might not have the energy.  They might want to do as much as they can to work with or decrease a behavioral or emotional concern manifested by one of their children.  They might think they are not good parents because they can’t help their children.  They might not want to seek professional support as they might see that other parents are handling situations on their own.  Can you relate to any of the above?  Seeking help from a professional when dealing with parenting issues can help you get the support that you need.  With all the responsibilities that you have to focus on sometimes getting extra help can be an advantage.  You don’t need to have all the answers when dealing with parenting issues.  Your children did not come with a manual.  You have had to be a parent on your own or with the help of your partner.  Many times your children can react to situations around them that you were not aware of.  They might react to situations that you did not think could be an issue for them.  For some parents getting the answers that they want from their children can be difficult because verbal skills are not fully developed which might feel frustrating, but even those who have verbal skills such as adolescents might not be ready to share all their feelings which could be frustrating too.