Adjustment concerns

Change is happening constantly but dealing with it can be tough at times.  Moving to a new a place or country, retirement, starting a job, studying abroad, etc, all these events might be lead to stress.  You might feel excited about the change that is about to happen and the first few days will be good, but sometimes that can change. People may start to feel isolated if they don't believe they are fitting in or things are not working like they thought.  Sometimes it's hard to meet people, make friends or even start a new activity.  This might lead to an increase sense of isolation and questioning whether you made the right choice.  Sometimes, you start to get used to the change and you may feel better, but sometimes that might not be the case.  People may want to leave their current circumstances and go back to what they had because they think that will make things better.  When the change is rough certain feelings come to the surface that feel uncomfortable. People may see an increase in their anxiety level or even experience panic attacks. The first thing people think of is to do something to change those feelings rather than trying to understand where those feelings are coming from.  People tend to compare themselves to others 'why is that person fitting in better than I am?, or they seem to have it together.'  You don't know that you only see what they show.  Those people could be having a hard time just like you.  Try not to be so hard on yourself.  The important thing is to focus on what you feel and know that it is normal to have difficulty adjusting to change, to a new country, to a new culture, etc.  You don't necessarily have to move to a new country to experience diversity.  Moving to a new place is not the only thing that leads to adjustment concerns.  If you are having a tough time adjusting to your current circumstances and you need somebody to talk to then is important to seek help.  You may need extra support in this transition.