Alcohol and drug concerns

This can be a sensitive topic to discuss and people might not be sure whether their use of substances is considered abusive, problematic, an addiction or not.  Individuals with a substance abuse concern learn in therapy that their use might not be as moderate as they thought.  People who begin treatment for their substance use started by seeking help for other concerns such as depression, anxiety or trauma.  Some of the reasons that people start misusing substances is to cope with their mental conditions or self-medication, addiction, peer pressure, boredom, isolation, etc.  People start drinking or using a substance for a longer period than intended, try to cut down or quit but are unable to, have intense cravings, use more of a substance to get the same effect as before, spend most of their time on substance related activities, continue to abuse a substance despite worsening of emotional, physical, relationship or work related problems. People often are in denial or unaware they have a substance abuse concern.  Do you relate to any of the things mentioned above? If you are interested in learning ways to moderate your use or learn more about your pattern of use or need help in your recovery then send me a message.