Most people have experienced anxiety from time to time when taking an exam, having a job interview, etc.  But sometimes, the anxiety can be overwhelming to the point that people become paralyzed. This might affect different areas of their life such as school, work, relationships and physical health.  People might avoid certain situations to try to reduce their level of anxiety such as social gatherings, people, public places or might start to isolate themselves which can make things worse.  People who experience intense levels of anxiety describe it as having multiple thoughts at once without control, worrying a lot, having physical sensations such as heart beating fast, trouble breathing, sweating, shaking, feeling lightheaded and restless.  People who experience anxiety might have trouble concentrating, trouble falling asleep or they might wake up often during the night and may have difficulty eating a whole meal.  Have you ever experienced any of the above? Do you worry a lot about your future? Do you feel your anxiety is out of control and you don’t know what to do? Have you tried to cope with it but is not working out? Is it getting worse? Anxiety requires treatment if not it can get worse.