Relationship concerns

Dealing with romantic and relationship concerns can have a great impact in your mental health. I have worked with many individuals who struggle with this concern.  People have a hard time knowing what to do.  Sometimes, the first thing you might want to do is seek the support of somebody you trust.  Other times you might not have somebody to turn to.  You might not want to share your relationship problems with others.  Many times when couples have problems is due to an accumulation of things they did not talk about or worked through what happened in the past. Speaking to the person that you love might be the hardest thing to do. But is one of the most important things in a relationship.  Have you felt that way? Communication is one of the crucial factors in strengthening a relationship to make it work. When people start a relationship or have years in a relationship getting acquainted is just as important, talk about values, likes, dislikes and respect for each other differences.  It is important to talk about how to compromise when you have differences.  Counseling can be helpful to identify patterns or discrepancies in relationship.  Remember a relationship means two so both parties have to be willing to work together to make the relationship work.  If one of the partners has an untreated mental or substance use disorder the other partner might not know what to do to help that person which might make the situation harder.  Some people might not want to seek counseling because of the stigma associated with it.  Whatever the situation remember you don’t have to be alone trying to figure things out, there is help out there.